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End of week soup

Take everything left in your veggie drawer, stems included. Chop everything and sauté with some garlic and olive oil on a medium heat in a large pot for about three minutes. Add two kettles of boiled water and around 6 chicken stock cubes. Simmer for about 20 minutes. Use your old bread crusts for croutons and top with pesto and Parmesan, if you have any.  This makes a dinner for family of six in 30 minutes.

By: Ruth, Cambridge


Sunday soup

One thing that worked well for our large flat was Sunday vegetable soup.

Before we would buy our vegetables at the Sunday markets we would try to use all of the leftover vegetables that we already had. Soup was a good way to do it – we’d start with a base of stock and potato, or potato, carrot & celery, or stock and coconut milk, and then just add ingredients from there, experimenting with different veges, spices and textures to make something delicious. We’d keep it simmering all day and developed quite a few great recipes this way!

By: Frith, Wellington