Volunteer at Auckland’s Community Fridge!

Volunteer at Auckland’s Community Fridge!

The Community Fridge is a place for people to donate their excess food so others can take it for free. It is a way to reduce food waste while also providing food for people who need it.

The fridge was first opened in December 2016. After a successful trial month the fridge is now permanently established at Griffiths Gardens.


Where is the Community Fridge?

The fridge is located in the new inner city community garden called Griffiths Gardens. It is located on the corner of Wellesley St West & Mayoral Drive in Auckland. It is open 24 hours a day.

Community Fridge Location

What food can I leave in the fridge?

The following foods are accepted:

Food that cannot be put in the fridge:

Volunteer at Auckland’s Community Fridge

A group of volunteers helps keep the fridge open by cleaning it and collecting food from local businesses to drop off at the fridge. People are needed to clean the fridge on weekday mornings and on the weekends. It only takes 10-15 minutes to tidy the fridge and check the temperature. Volunteers are also needed Monday – Friday to help with collecting food from a local supermarket and dropping it off at the fridge. This takes 20-30 minutes and you are paired up with another volunteer.

If you would like to help out contact email: communityfridgeakl@gmail.com to learn more.