Food Lovers Masterclasses in 2019

Food Lovers Masterclasses in 2019

Is your fridge bursting at the seams? Are you filling your compost bin too quickly? Are your chickens fat? Perhaps you are wasting food…

Food Lovers Masterclasses around the country will teach you how to waste less food and save money. The classes are run by Kate Meads who has been travelling the country for the last 10 years delivering waste minimisation seminars. Kate strongly believes that “If everyone does just one small thing for our environment every single day, we will start to make a difference that will count.” Kate prides herself on being “real” and often jokes with her audiences about the fact that she isn’t perfect – nor does she expect anyone else to be. The workshop is a great place to learn how your household can reduce food waste. Whether it is big or small, any change in the right direction is a good change.

At this educational masterclass you will learn hints and tricks for using up leftovers and producing less food waste, how to tell the difference between “Use-by” and “Best-before” dates, and how much of what we throw out can be frozen for another day or composted.

“I took my 9-year-old daughter to a Foodlovers Masterclass last night! We both had a great time! Kate is clearly passionate about reducing waste and shared some astonishing facts and some really helpful tips! Miss 9 loved it! Thanks so much xx.” Sarah

“Thank you so much for the workshop in Kāpiti last night. It was gut-wrenching yet entertaining, depressing yet incredibly inspiring. I’ve woken up today with a spring in my step ready to change a few things in this household. I believe something like this workshop should be a MUST for every New Zealander. Being eco friendly and consumer-conscious shouldn’t be a lifestyle choice or the ‘hippy’ way. It should be the NORMAL way!” Jo

All attendees receive a free pack full of food waste minimisation products.

This workshop is suitable for all household types, ages and stages. In fact, everybody should attend!

Food Lovers Masterclasses are being run at the following locations this year. Click on the links below for more details:




New Plymouth





Upper Hutt