Apple, Orange and Ginger Jelly

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This jelly is made from apple and orange peels and the skin from root ginger and is perfect on toast. The key is to freeze the peels over time until you have enough, and then make the jelly on a day when it is miserable outside.

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  • 3 kilos apple peel (these can be frozen until you have enough)
  • Peels from 2-6 oranges (these can be frozen until you have enough. Zest before freezing, then freeze the zest and peel)
  • 6 cups of water (2 cups per kilo of peels)
  • Piece of root ginger or the skin of root ginger (the skin can also be frozen)


  1. Take apple peels and place in a large pot and add 6 cups of water. Cook until soft.
  2. Zest the orange peel if you haven’t already, then add only the peel to the pot.
  3. Cook the peel until it is soft and pulpy.
  4. Add the ginger root and cook for another 10 minutes.
  5. Add two cups of water.
  6. Strain the pulp through a jelly bag or, line a large colander with a clean cloth and just leave it to drip into a bowl or pan overnight. Don’t press or squeeze the pulp as then your jelly will be cloudy.
  7. Add the zest to the liquid. If you prefer a clear jelly, then add the zest at step 4.
  8. Measure how many litres of liquid you have, then warm 500g sugar for every litre of juice.
  9. Stir gently and continue cooking over a low heat until the setting point is reached.
  10. Let the jelly cool for 10 minutes before pouring into sterilised jars.


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