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Love Food Hate Waste NZ's recipe for climate action: research, expertise and a love of food to help you save food from the bin.

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Why we’re here

Inspired by the Love Food Hate Waste campaign in the UK, we undertook some research to find out if household food waste was a problem in Aotearoa. Turns out food waste is a problem, with the average Kiwi family throwing away three shopping trolleys of edible food each year.

In order to reduce the amount of food going to waste (and the vast financial and environmental costs associated with it) WasteMINZ  has partnered with 52 councils and community groups and the Ministry for the Environment to deliver Love Food Hate Waste in Aotearoa.

Our goal is to help reduce food waste in Aotearoa by 10% by 2030. Together, we’ve made some great progress in reducing the amount of good food going in the bin. But, there is still more that we need to do.

We’re a team who are constantly looking for new ideas to help tackle life’s challenges and make the most of food (we love a new hack or tip!). The information we bring to you is tried and tested by research and by our food experts, making sure it will help you as much as possible.

Love Food Hate Waste started in Great Britain in 2007 by WRAP  and has been successful in reducing the amount of food that British households throw out. The campaign is also currently being run in Scotland, Vancouver, New South Wales and Victoria.


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Whether you want to share your food waste tip with us or have questions about food waste in New Zealand, we’d love to hear from you.

Email info@lovefoodhatewaste.co.nz or if you prefer, we’re probably hanging out on social media, so talk to us there.

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