Eat Me First Stickers Explained

Having a reminder about what we need to eat is sometimes all we need in order to reduce food waste, and our reusable stickers do just that. By creating an Eat Me First shelf or labelling containers, everyone in your household will know exactly what needs to be eaten first so your food doesn’t end up in bin. Together, we can all say goodbye to ugly surprises at the back of the fridge and pantry!

A visual prompt

The reusable sticker works as a tool in multiple ways, and at its core serves as a visual prompt gently reminding us of the perishable items that need immediate attention before they spoil. It’s that nudge we sometimes need to check our fridge and pantry, ensuring that nothing gets forgotten or left at the back of the shelves.

Simple labelling device

This simple and clear labelling element of the reusable Eat Me First sticker is also a handy tool in distinguishing between older and newer versions of the same product. No more digging through a cluttered fridge wondering which container of milk or yoghurt was opened first – the reusable “Eat Me First” sticker makes it crystal clear.

Supports meal planning

These stickers also serve as champions of meal planning. By identifying the foods that need to be used up soon, they encourage us to get creative in the kitchen, inspiring meals that are not only delicious but also help minimise waste and make food go further.

Planning for a Friday ‘fakeaway’ meal such as pizza is one of our favourites for using up small amounts of ingredients such as half cut onions, few slices of deli meats or poached chicken, last bits of jarred sauces or dips, and the last of the salad greens.

Tool for communication

And let’s not overlook their role as communication tool for your household. The reusable “Eat Me First” sticker can signal to your spouse, children, other family members, and flatmates what’s fair game for consumption, whether it’s a tasty snack for an afternoon pick-me-up or leftovers destined for lunch the next day.

Our reusable “Eat Me First” stickers are a small but powerful ally in the fight against food waste. If you haven’t ordered yours yet, find out where you can get your FREE reusable #EatMeFirst sticker here.