Food Lovers Masterclass

Food Lovers Masterclass Southland

6:30pm – 8:30pm – Monday 31st August 

Horowhenua District Council

126-148 Oxford Street


Is your fridge bursting at the seams? Are you filling your compost bin quickly? Are your chickens fat? Perhaps you are wasting food.

At this educational masterclass, learn lots about what Kiwi’s waste and how we can save money. Plus, lots of other interesting topics like the difference between “Use by” and “Best before” dates, and how much of what we throw out can be composted, or frozen for another day!

This workshop will be presented by Rochelle, she’s an extremely skilled educator and has tonnes of experience educating on parenting and waste reduction!

What else? You will also receive a gift pack full of food waste minimization products!

This workshop is suitable for all households, flats, ages and stages. In fact, everybody should attend!