Bread makeover | Recipe ideas using bread

Bread makeover | Recipe ideas using bread

You’ve heard all about turning stale bread or crusts and ends into breadcrumbs, croutons, or turning crusts into garlic bread chips or cinnamon sugar bread chips, turning them into bread and butter pudding in a microwave or oven, or make a meal in a mug. Read on for more ideas using up all sorts of bread and some quick tips on how to revive stale bread.

You can crumb the bread 

Then make:


Chop or slice your bread

Then make:

Bacon Bread Cases

Got sliced sandwich or toast bread?

Use as:

Is it safe to eat mouldy bread?

Unfortunately not.

Visible mould on a slice or two of bread is a good indicator that there is likely to be invisible mould spores throughout the rest of the loaf, so you should put the entire loaf into your compost or food scraps bin. For more information about mould on other foods, read our blog: Is it safe to eat mouldy food?

‘Revive it’ tip

If you’ve got a stale loaf or bun, give it a quick dunk of water or quickly run it under a tap, place on an oven tray and heat it up for 5-10 minutes (or longer for larger pieces) at 140C fan or 160C bake till it is heated through.


Just a reminder on storage, because of the humidity in NZ our bread tends to get mouldy quicker if left out on the bench. Keep it in the fridge or better yet freeze them. For tips on how to freeze bread so it doesn’t get stuck together, freezing sandwiches, and more ideas, read our blog: What you didn’t know about freezing bread.

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