Takeaways you can make from home

Takeaways you can make from home

Just because we are in lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t have a takeaway night. Check out some of our simple no cook or low cook recipe ideas for takeaways you can make at home.


You can buy frozen burger patties or some supermarkets sell pre-made fresh burger patties. Grab some buns, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and mayonnaise and off you go. Or up the ante by frying up a rasher of bacon or ring of pineapple.

Making your burger patties is often cheaper and healthier than buying ready made and is simple enough that your children can help as well. Adding in grated vegetables or a tin of brown lentils keeps the cost lower and increases the nutrient content.

Beef burger with wedges

Beef Burgers with wedges recipe

Salmon burgers with lemon slaw

Salmon Burgers with lemon slaw recipe


Buy a pre-made pizza base, a jar of pizza sauce, grate some cheese and then add the toppings of your choice. Most vegetables and cured meats such as ham and salami don’t need to be cooked before being placed on a pizza, but make sure to cook chicken or any other fresh meat you use before placing on top. Pizzas are a great way to use up any odds and ends you have in the fridge.

You can easily make your own pizza base using yogurt and flour and you could always make a dessert pizza if you need to use up some fruity yogurt. Whizz some cauliflower up in the food processor, if you don’t have any flour.

Mini Hawaiian Pizzas

Hawaiian PizzasMoroccan mince pizzas

Moroccan Mince Pizzas

Fruit Yoghurt Pizza

Fruit yogurt dessert pizza

Caramel Banana Stuffed Crust Pizza

Caramel banana stuffed crust pizza

Cauliflower Pizza Base

Cauliflower pizza base

Fish and Chips

Just can buy frozen fish and chips and then heat in the oven. But if you’ve bought too many potatoes and they are starting to sprout, then why not make your own fries?

annabelle langbein's fries

 Annabelle Langbein’s recipe for easy oven fries. 

For a healthier option  you could make also make your own crumbed fish. We  love Nadia Lim’s recipe for herby panko crumbed fish but you can safely swap the panko crumbs for breadcrumbs you have made yourself. Breadcrumbs are a great way to use up stale bread and bread ends! Just blitz them in the food processor and freeze until you need them. Grate in some parmesan for extra zing.