All Purpose Citrus Cleaning Spray

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When your trees are groaning with lemons, limes and mandarins, why not save the skins and make your own citrus cleaning spray? This simple eco friendly cleaner can also help you cut down on how much plastic you use.

10 Minutes

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  • a bowl of citrus peels – you can store up peels in your fridge or freezer until you have enough
  • white vinegar – you can get white vinegar on tap at most bulk bin stores – just BYO bottle
  • tap water
  • a large glass jar with lid
  • a spray bottle – wait until your current cleaner runs out and reuse the spray bottle


  1. Over the course of a few days, save up the peels of any citrus you eat
  2. When you have a decent amount e.g. a breakfast bowl’s worth, place them into a large glass jar or several smaller jars – make sure they have lids
  3. Pour white vinegar into the the jar/s filled with peel. Put the lid on and leave the mixture for 2-3 weeks
  4. Once the 2-3 weeks have passed, strain the vinegar through a sieve into a measuring cup
  5. Dilute your citrus vinegar mixture with an equal part of tap water i.e. if you have one cup of vinegar, then use one cup of water
  6. The spray is now ready to use and has no use by date!
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