Christmas get ready guide advent

Christmas get ready guide advent

Get ready for Christmas with us and follow along with our ‘Christmas advent calendar’ to help with prepping for the food to come! Starting with a clear-out challenge, then moving onto menu planning and list making, making edible gifts, and finally key things to remember in the days leading up to Christmas.

Download a PDF of the advent calendar with the get ready guide here.

How the get ready guide works:

Starting from No 1 make your way up the tree in numerical order to find the assigned task. This isn’t your conventional advent calendar though – the tasks run over a few days to help you prep for Christmas day eating. You can also switch the tasks around to suit you and your household. The tasks are outlined below.

Day 1-8: The clear out challenge

Fridge harvest

Challenge yourself to see whether you can live off the contents of your fridge, freezer and pantry for a week – without buying any more food.

This is a good chance to remember what food you’ve already got and will help you clear out all those odds and ends that are taking up space or have been hanging around for way too long.


Day 9-15: Planning and list making

It’s very tempting to make everyone’s favourite food for Christmas Day eating, but try hard not to go overboard. Keeping the menu as simple as possible will not only reduce food waste, but will also make it easier for you and save you money.

Getting a list together can be as simple as going through your recipes and checking each ingredient to see if you already have it, or add it to your shopping list.

Making a shopping list also stops you having to do any last minute dashes to the crowded shops on Christmas eve, or worse realising you are missing an ingredient on Christmas Day.


Day 16-22: Edible gifts

Make someone’s day by making them a LFHW edible gift featuring a commonly wasted food item, such as bread, bananas, or apples.

Try making chocolate cake using not so fresh buns or bread, or make breadcrumb bliss balls (use the breadcrumbs instead of oats, for example), banana oat cookies, or get creative with what you have. There are also plenty of recipes online that you can search for if you’d like to try make something else.


Day 23, 24: The days before

Leftovers 222

At this time of the month it can get full on with events and organising for Christmas Day ahead. Doing small things like checking if your shopping is stored correctly and the fridge and freezer are at the right temperatures will help make sure the food items you bought will stay fresh for longer.


Day 25: Christmas day

Celebrate! Have a special day with those you are with.

If you have any food leftover get them in the fridge or freezer as soon as you can. Before your guests leave remember to pack the extra food into smaller portions for your guests to take home. For other tips on how to love your leftovers this Christmas, check out this blog.

Download the Advent Calendar Get Ready Guide