Free Fish Heads

Free Fish Heads

Fishing is a favourite Kiwi pastime – especially this time of year.

There’s not much that beats tucking into a fresh fillet straight from the sea.

Did you know that the fillets often only account for about a third of the weight of the fish? The head and frame, which make up the other two-thirds, are commonly dumped in the ocean, buried in the garden or thrown in the rubbish because people don’t want to eat them.

With increasing pressure on our fisheries, discarding all of these fish frames is a waste of both food and our precious natural resources.

Do you have fish heads and frames you don’t know what to do with? Or maybe you would love to eat someone else’s excess heads and frames?

Introducing Free Fish Heads.

Free Fish Heads is a place where people with unwanted fish heads and frames can find people who would love to eat them.

For many people, fish heads and bones are a real treat as the flesh closest to the bones is the most flavourful. It’s a win-win situation – reducing food waste and making the most of a precious natural resource by giving it to people who will eat and appreciate it.

If you have fish heads to share, or would like to receive some, register here.

As the name says, this is a free exchange as it is illegal to pay or trade for fish that have been recreationally caught.

If you’re tempted, but don’t know how to cook fish heads or frames, read this guide about how to make every scrap count when filleting fish or try some of these recipes: