This one resolution will help you save money, eat better and protect the environment

This one resolution will help you save money, eat better and protect the environment

Have you made a resolution or set a goal for the year? Maybe you want to eat better, save money or be kinder to the environment?

We’ve got one thing you can do to tick all of those boxes.

Waste less food.

Yep, reducing how much food you waste can be good for your pocket, your pants and the planet. Here’s why:

You’ll save money

Every time you chuck out food, you’re throwing away your money. And it all adds up. On average, Kiwi families waste over $563 a year on edible food which ends up in their rubbish bins. Think of what you could do with an extra five hundred dollars this year – hello, holiday!

You’ll eat better


Instead of thinking you have nothing for breakfast and grabbing a muffin on the way to work, you’ll be able to pull a banana out of your freezer to whip up a smoothie (because you chose to freeze your brown banana rather than throwing it away). And by making an effort to reduce how much food you waste, you might actually eat all of those fruit and vegetables that you buy with such good intentions.

You’ll help save the environment

Did you know that when food rots in a landfill it releases methane, which is a greenhouse gas 30 times stronger than carbon dioxide? This means the food we throw away is contributing to global warming. That’s not even touching on all of the resources which go to waste when we don’t eat food.

If we have inspired you to reduce your food waste, you’re probably wondering how to do it.

It’s simple – yet different for everyone.

Think of the last time you threw away food and then work out how you could have avoided wasting that food.

Marinated feta

Here are some easy ways you can reduce your food waste:

When it comes to reducing food waste, every small action adds up. Make it a goal to change just one thing and let 2017 be the year you love your food.

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