Save your food with the new FoodSaver Fresh

Save your food with the new FoodSaver Fresh

Did you know there is a handy kitchen appliance that can help you throw away less food?

We don’t mean your fridge and freezer, but a new benchtop machine that can keep your food fresher for longer.

Introducing the new FoodSaver® Fresh from Sunbeam.

What is it?

A handy benchtop machine which vacuum seals your food to keep it from going stale or mouldy.

How does it work?

Air is the enemy of fresh food. Oxygen and moisture in the air cause food to degrade over time, meaning that food loses flavour, texture and nutritional value.

Using specialised resealable zipper bags and containers, the FoodSaver® Fresh sucks out the air to create a commercial quality vacuum seal.

FoodSaver Fresh containers

Why would you want one?

The average Kiwi family wastes over $500 of edible food every year. A FoodSaver® Fresh will allow you to save food and money.

Unlike traditional vacuum sealers, it uses reusable plastic bags and containers so it isn’t creating extra packaging waste.

There are many uses for the FoodSaver® Fresh:

How much does it cost and where can I get one?

The recommended retail price is $199.99 and it can be purchased from leading appliance retailers.

The FoodSaver® Fresh comes with:

Would we recommend it?

Love Food Hate Waste had the opportunity to test a FoodSaver® Fresh. We found it was quick and easy to use – it was particularly useful for storing cut avocados as they did not go brown.

However, sometimes the seal on the container was so strong that we had trouble opening it again.

The limit on the usefulness of the FoodSaver® Fresh lies in how many specialised containers and bags you have, as you need these in order to be able to use it. It is possible to buy additional containers however, they can be pricey.

If you buy in bulk or you live on your own, the FoodSaver® Fresh can be a great way to take advantage of specials by allowing you to portion, seal and freeze your food for later consumption.