Six eco-conscious gift ideas for food lovers


It’s that wonderful time of the year again, and Love Food Hate Waste NZ is here to make your holiday season a little brighter and a lot more delicious. Our Savour the Season Gifting Guide is your ultimate companion for a festive season filled with joy, flavour, and an eco-conscious touch.

🎁From delectable recipes that will delight your taste buds to sustainable gift ideas that warm the heart, we’re here to make your holidays brighter, greener, and more sustainable.

Discover Six Savour the Season gift ideas below!


1.Edible Delights 

Trim waste, not taste! Turn your old dry bread into a festive delight with our Festive Bliss Balls recipe —Share the joy by packaging them with our Recipe Card for a sweet, sustainable treat. If Bliss Balls aren’t your vibe, explore more edible gift ideas here.


2.Storage Solutions 


Boost your whanau’s food game with storage containers – not only are they great for leftovers, our research shows some vegetables can last up to 5 times longer when stored correctly. Include our festive Storage Tips’ and they’ll be set to reduce their food waste (and save money!) all year long. You’ll receive bonus gifting points if you send them home with leftovers in their new containers!

TOP TIP: Find some great value storage containers, package them up in a reusable cotton gift bag (or get creative with an old pillow case!), add our festive Storage Tips and finish it off with some ribbon and a beautiful LFHW NZ Gift Tag!


3.Meal Planning Made Easy

My Foodie Family meal planner

Gift your loved ones a meal planner or cooking app subscription to inspire organised, waste-free meals. Help them cut down on impulse buys and food spoilage by planning meals ahead. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Our Easy Choice Meal Planners or these custom-made Magnetic Fridge Planners from Magnapix are a great place to start. Alternatively, you can check out these great online apps from the Spruce Eats.


4.Sustainable Cookbooks

Encourage culinary adventures with sustainable cookbooks! Pick titles that focus on using leftovers creatively or reducing food waste. Inspire your friends and family to make the most of ingredients and minimise kitchen waste.


5.Thrift Store Treasures

Give your loved ones a thoughtful gift by repurposing jars from the thrift store and filling them with homemade pickled vegetables.


6.Earth Friendly Wrapping

Don’t forget eco-friendly wrapping! Use reusable cloth bags, old newspapers, or even a festive tea towel to wrap your gifts sustainably. Encourage your loved ones to continue the eco-conscious trend or purchase some from Honey Wrap to get them started.