Easy ideas for leftover Christmas ham

Easy ideas for leftover Christmas ham

It’s not Christmas in New Zealand without a ham.

The joy of buying a ham is that you are guaranteed you can feed everyone, even those unexpected guests. But even if you have all of your distant rellies around on the 25th, the chances are that come Boxing Day, there’s still a sizeable amount of ham left.

If you store your ham correctly it will last for at least a week. Store your ham in the fridge in a calico ham bag which you have dampened with water and vinegar (1 litre of water to 2 tablespoons of white vinegar). Don’t wrap your ham tightly as some air needs to be able to circulate around it.

Instead of dreading the thought of yet another ham sandwich, try some of our easy ham recipes to use it up. After all, you’ve probably spent a small fortune on it, so you don’t want it to go to waste.

Easy leftover ham recipes from the Video:
Cranberry Christmas Kebabs
Lasagne Pasta Rolls with Ham and Parmesan

If you can’t eat it all, freeze it.

Freeze ham to use it later in the year. Slice the ham or chop it into smaller chunks then seal it in a labeled ziplock bag. It is a good idea to portion the ham in small quantities so you won’t have to defrost a whole chunk all at once. Once ham has been frozen, the texture changes slightly so it may not be great for sandwiches but it will be good for using in things like pasta, pies and quiches.

What about the bone?

Wrap up your ham bone and stash it in the freezer for a batch of pea and ham soup in the winter.

Other easy ham recipes

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