Edible Christmas gifts you can make with ingredients you already have

Edible Christmas gifts you can make with ingredients you already have

Christmas shopping can be stressful and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be – there are lots of edible Christmas gifts that you can make using ingredients you already have.

From crackers and nut clusters to chutney and chai tea, there is bound to be some unused item sitting in your pantry that you can turn into a gift.

Everyone loves to receive an edible gift, and homemade ones are extra special.

You don’t need fancy packaging either to make these treats look special. Save your empty jars, soak them to remove the label then fill them with your treats. Otherwise, you can make little parcels using baking or wax paper which can be tied with ribbon (the baking paper can be used by the recipient).




We’re sure every pantry in the country has at least one half eaten packet of cereal. If it’s gone stale, toast it in the oven briefly to crisp it up before using it for these recipes.

Christmas Crackle Tree



Dried fruit:


Nut brittle

If you have a bag of nuts taking up space in your pantry, use it for one of these recipes. It is wise to check to see if the nuts have gone rancid before you use them.

Tip: Storing your nuts in the freezer will keep them fresh and stop them from going rancid. You can use them straight from frozen.


Seeds can be used in most recipes that call for nuts – which are great substitute for people who have nut allergies. Like nuts, seeds can be stored in the freezer to keep them fresh.


Most of us have pantries that are full of spices that have only been used once or twice. A great way to use them up is to mix them all together to make spice mixes that can be used for a range of things.