The best way to store a block of cheese is to wrap it tightly in its original packaging and place it in a cheese bag in the fridge.

Cheese bags are made of cloth and can be purchased here. If you don’t have a cheese bag, wrapping the block tightly in its original packaging and then wrapping that in cling wrap, a beeswax cloth or a plastic bag also works well.

It is normal for cheese to grow mould – after all, mould is what gives blue cheese its name. If your block of hard cheese  e.g. cheddar edam grows mould, you can cut it off and the rest of the block will be safe to eat – just make sure that you cut off a couple of centimetres around the mould. If your soft cheese such as brie or camembert grows mould, then you need to throw it out as the mould spreads more easily through soft cheese.

Cheese also freezes well, especially if it is grated as it makes it easier to access small quantities at a time.

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