How to turn leftovers into pies

How to turn leftovers into pies

No matter how little is left, there’s always enough for a pie!

Have you ever looked at the leftovers in your fridge with dread, uninspired by eating the same meal for a second or third time? You’re not alone.

Kiwi families are wasting over $100 million of leftovers each year. A whopping 9,489 tonnes of cooked meals end up in the bin.

A solution to reducing food waste and helping families save money lies in the Kiwi classic – pies!

No matter how little you have left – whether it is leftover mince or roasted vegetables – there is always enough for a pie. The beauty of using leftovers means most of the preparation has been done and all you need to do is assemble the pie.

Pies can take many forms: made in a pie maker, free-form with filo, topped with a mashed vegetable lid, or even made with bread. You can use leftovers as they are, or mixed with sauces or vegetables to become whole new meals.

To make it easy for you to turn your leftover into pies, we’ve made a “how to” guide. You can download it here.

How to turn leftovers into pies

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