8 ways with tomatoes

8 ways with tomatoes

Summer is the time of year when tomatoes are abundant, cheap and flavoursome.

Whether you grow your own or just want to make the most of the cheap supermarket prices, we want to ensure no tomato goes to waste.

So once you have had your fill of tomato on toast and tomato salads, try one of these recipes.

Remember: tomatoes should be stored at room temperature, not in the fridge, so they retain their texture and flavour.

Tomato passataTomato Passata

Tomato pasta sauce is a must-have in most kitchens, so why not make your own to last you through the year? This tomato and basil pasta sauce is so delicious you’ll never want to eat a store-bought one again.



Soup in summer may sound unappealing, but gazpacho is a chilled vegetable soup, which makes for a refreshing meal. Try Annabel Langbein’s recipe. 

Tinned tomato substitute

Use your fresh tomatoes in any recipe which calls for tinned tomatoes. Check out Jax Hamilton’s hack for a quick way to peel fresh tomatoes.

Oven-dried tomatoes

Oven dried tomatoes

Unlike sun-dried tomatoes, oven-dried tomatoes are easy to make. It’s a great way to preserve tomatoes and intensify their flavour.

Tomato chutney

Making your own chutney is easier than you may think – this version can be whipped up in less than two hours.

Tomato salsa

Tomato Salsa

Whether you like it chunky or smooth, fresh tomato salsa is quick to whip up and can be varied to suit your tastes.



Ratatouille really celebrates summer by combining tomatoes, courgettes, capsicums and eggplant. It’s great as a side dish or a vegetarian meal.

Stuffed tomatoesRice Stuffed Tomatoes

Retro as it may be, tomatoes make a great vehicle for all sorts of filling. The bigger the tomato, the better. Try this version which uses leftover rice – or branch out and try this roasted capsicum and feta version.