8 ways with bread crusts

8 ways with bread crusts

Chances are that if you have children, at some point or another you have battled with them about eating their bread crusts.

While some days you may think that it is a battle not worth fighting, you may feel differently when you realise that you could be wasting up to 31% of a loaf of bread if your children never eat their crusts. Not only is that a waste of food, it’s also a waste of money.

So the next time your children refuse to eat their crusts, don’t throw them away. Try one of these recipes to transform the crusts into something your children will eat.

Tip: Some of these recipes only use the crusts from a slice or two of bread, while others call for more. Store the crusts in an airtight container or bag in your freezer until you have enough to use.

Chocky Bready Muffins

chocky bready muffins

Believe it or not, these muffins are made from crusts! These chocky bready muffins are perfect for the lunchbox or can be heated up for a quick dessert.

Garlic Bread Chips

Garlic Bread Chips

These garlic bread chips are perfect for dipping or for a simple snack to tide the kids over until dinner time.

Sweet bread chips

Or alternatively try a sweet version. These cinnamon sugar bread chips are a not-too-naughty treat. Why not cook up a batch for your next family movie night?

Crunchy Fruit Crumble

Crusts make an excellent addition to a crumble topping – and your children won’t even notice that they’re there.

French Toast Fingers

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Not pretty, but #tasty. I made my kids #frenchtoast and I used the #crusts to make my own #hotmess version for moi. Today I snuck in half a scoop of #organic #vanilla #wheyprotein powder in and they didn’t know the betta. Let me tell you that I love the taste and texture of my #crustsonly Fronch toast. . . . . #breakfast #eggs #maplesyrup #uglyfood #protein #wholewheat

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Love french toast? It’s easy to make French toast fingers using crusts – they may not look great but they will taste just the same.

Chocolate and Crust-ard Microwave Pudding

This quick and easy chocolate banana microwave pudding turns crusts or bread ends into dessert.


Crunchy Croutons

Jazz up your salad or soup with these easy crust croutons. 

Eggs and soldiers

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Crusts are the perfect size to make soldiers to go with a soft boiled egg. Toast the crusts in the oven while the eggs boil – it takes no time at all.


Breadcrumbs don’t need to be boring! Try Annabel Langbein’s tasty recipe which is the perfect topping for macaroni cheese or fresh fish.