Keeping food waste low with lockdowns

Keeping food waste low with lockdowns

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this but there’s no harm in planning ahead! Life with lockdowns shifts routines and may change shopping and eating patterns.  Read on for our tips on shopping and planning for meals, what you can do with organic waste, a way you can help the community, and fun takeout meal ideas!


Clever planning

Planning for meals is a great way to keep organised and takes away the daily “what’s for dinner?” stress. Shopping with a list and sticking with it avoids over buying and keeps the budget on track. Have you read our guide on how to shop with a list?

Clever shopping is just as important as clever planning, shop better than normal.


Nature’s way of recycling

Composting is an effective way to reduce organic waste that decomposes in landfill contributing to harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Worm farms are also a wonderful way to help out the environment and your garden!


Food rescues

There are a range of food rescue groups nationally working all throughout the year, and during lockdowns that save tonnes of fresh produce and pre-prepared meals then redistribute it to the community. Click to link to see the list of food rescue groups in New Zealand.


Takeaways at home

Including takeout style foods in the meal plan is a fun way to keep meals exciting, put a healthy spin on classic favourites, and save some money. There are so many takeaways you can make at home!