Store it: Refrigerate apples to make them last longer. Apples last 8 times longer in the fridge than in the fruit bowl, so only place a couple of apples at a time in your fruit bowl.

Freeze it: Slice or chop and freeze in a single layer then keep in a freezer bag or container.

Peels and cores: Save them and up it in a variety of ways such as homemade pectin, apple tea, apple cider vinegar, and more ideas here.

Tip: Keep apples separate from vegetables in your fridge so that the ethelyene released by the vegetables doesn’t make them ripen too fast.

Gone soft or wrinkly? Use them in smoothies, make fruit crumble and pies, applesauce, add to pickles, chutneys, or stews and curries. For more ideas, click here.