Store it: Keep bananas somewhere nice and cool, but not in the fridge, and keep them away from other fruits.

Freeze it: Peel and slice then put in a labelled sealable freezer  bag or container.

Tip: Ethylene gas, released by foods such as apples and pears, causes bananas to ripen faster. Once bananas are ripe they then produce ethylene gas which ripens other fruit.

Too ripe? The quickest way to save them is to freeze them. You can then use them for smoothies or baking another day. For more ideas on ways to use up frozen bananas, check them out here.

Peels: Make homemade plant fertiliser for your garden, or add to compost.

Feeling adventurous? Turn banana peels into bacon, or ‘pulled peel’ for a vegan pulled pork.

Bonus tip: Bananas are a great baking substitute for yoghurt, butter, and eggs. Half a large banana can be used instead of 1 egg, or 1 cup mashed banana substituted for 1 cup of butter or yoghurt. Note that using ingredient substitutes may affect the texture and flavour.