What to do with leftover pasta

What to do with leftover pasta

Yet again you have cooked too much pasta. You stare at your bowl of plain leftover pasta and you are just not feeling inspired.

STOP! Don’t throw it in the bin. There are lots of tasty things you can do with your leftover pasta, even if it is covered in sauce.

To use it in your next meal make a pasta frittata!  Mix the pasta with eggs and any extra add-ins you like and then cook it until it is set. Try this Leek and Spaghetti Frittata or these Mini Pasta Frittatas.

Mini Pasta Frittata

Depending on the season, turn your leftover pasta into a salad or put it into a soup. If you are putting it in a soup, don’t add it in until just before the end so it doesn’t go soggy.

What if my pasta is covered in sauce? There are still ways you can use up saucy pasta if eating it as it is doesn’t appeal to you. Check out this video for ideas for what do with spaghetti bolognese.

If you have leftover noodles you can use them in the recipes above, or if they have other ingredients in them, try making these noodle fritters.

Noodle Fritters

If you have a sweet tooth have a go at making a noodle kugel, which is a traditional Jewish pudding or casserole commonly made from egg noodles.

If you don’t want to eat pasta two nights in a row, you can freeze it in a snaplock bag or air-tight container. If you are wanting to freeze long strands of cooked pasta like spaghetti or fettucini, freeze them in small mounds on a baking tray or in a muffin tray, then transfer them to a bag once frozen.

Kiwis throw away over $100 millions of leftovers every year. Don’t let your pasta be part of the problem.