A guide to which vegetables spoil the fastest

A guide to which vegetables spoil the fastest

Not all vegetables are created equal. Some hardy things like carrots and pumpkin can last for weeks or months, while others may wilt within a day of two of making it into your refrigerator.

This means that it is no surprise that nearly one third of the food we waste in New Zealand is vegetables.

It is important to understand which vegetables go off fastest, so you can make sure to eat them first. This is particularly important if you are only shopping once a week or if you receive a vege box delivered with an assortment of vegetables.

If you don’t shop regularly, make sure you buy a variety of vegetables from each section below to make sure you have a wide enough range to last until you do your next grocery shop. if you have received a box of veges, plan your meals around those vegetables which need to be eaten up first.  Check out our handy guide below which tells you which vegetables you need to eat first.

Things to eat within a day or two:

Asparagus spears

Things to eat within 2 – 4 days:

Broccoli Cauliflower

Things that will last longer:

Red cabbage

What about fruit?

How long fruit will last depends on how ripe they are when you purchase them. Berries are best eaten as soon as possible. Apples and citrus last  8 times longer if stored in the fridge then in the fruitbowl.

Check out our A-Z storage guide for more tips on how to store your fruit and produce.

A-Z storage guide