Download the Foodprint app and stop delicious food being thrown away

Download the Foodprint app and stop delicious food being thrown away

Foodprint is a Kiwi app where you can buy delicious food at discounted prices & cafes can stop sending food to landfill. Meet Michal Garvey  who is on a mission to better our world, one meal at a time.

Michal’s journey began while she was on her big OE working at a food tech startup in London. It was there she realised how much technology figures in the way we now source, purchase and consume our food. Then while travelling around Europe on a budget she came across an app where cafes and restaurants were selling any food that was unsold at closing at a substantially discounted price. It reduced the cafes food waste and enabled Michal to eat delicious food and save money while backpacking.

So on her return to New Zealand she was determined to set up a Kiwi equivalent so the Foodprint app was born. “I’m really passionate about tackling climate change and reducing foodwaste is such a great way to do it. Cafes pride themselves on offering fresh quality food but they can’t always predict from day to day how busy they will and how much they will sell. So Foodprint ensures that the food doesn’t go to waste.”

The Foodprint app connects cafes and restaurants with surplus food to consumers who purchase it at discounted prices. The aim is to reduce the 50,000 tonnes of annual food waste produced by cafes, restaurants and supermarkets in New Zealand.  Launching in Auckland on Monday 10 June you will be able to download the Foodprint app. You will be able to follow your favourite cafes, restaurants and supermarkets who use the app and will receive push notifications when food is ‘ready to rescue’. Alternatively you can browse the app when you are out and about to see if there any cafes nearby who may have something on offer.

Each day cafes upload surplus food that would otherwise be thrown out, at 50% of the normal price. You order, make your purchase in-app, and then go and collect your food directly from the cafe. The app will tell you how long you have to collect the food item before the cafe closes. You can also filter your search on dietary preference, price, and proximity.

Already 50 eateries across Auckland are on board including Little Bird Kitchen, Williams Eatery, Crumb, Bread & Butter Bakery, Boy and Bird, Good Karma Coffee and Garnet Station. Michal’s goal is to expand Foodprint nationwide, to reduce food waste from cafes and restaurants across all of New Zealand.

Foodprint is available at both Apple Store and Google Play, free to download. Visit Foodprint’s website to learn more.