The Waste-Wise Kitchen Companion

The Waste-Wise Kitchen Companion

If you need help in the kitchen or want to eliminate your food waste entirely, we have the book to assist you.

The Waste-Wise Kitchen Companion by Jean B. MacLeod has a comprehensive A to Z list of food items, each with many delicious ways to use them up.

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The book also shows you how to extend the shelf life of food, find alternate uses for typically discarded parts, and rescue recipes that have gone wrong.

Having lived through more than a decade of food rationing that accompanied and continued after World War II, 85-year-old MacLeod knows a thing or two about frugality and the preciousness of food. Questioned about the motivation for writing the book, the self-proclaimed thrifty cook explained: “I love food but I hate waste. I wanted to share my knowledge of sustainable living to help households reduce wastage which will hopefully stem the food waste crisis we are now facing.”

The Waste-Wise Kitchen Companion is an excellent resource not only for those who want to reduce food wastage but also for those who want to reduce their food budget. The book is available in Kindle and paperback format and can be purchased on Amazon.