How to make a Meal in a Mug

Learn how to make a meal in a mug:
Recipe: Savoury meal in a mug
Recipe: Sweet meal in a mug

This may just be the only recipe you’ll ever need. It’s warm and comforting, quick and easy, satisfying and satiating, cheap and cheerful.

Using two slices of bread and an egg you can create a meal in a mug in only a couple of minutes. This is perfect for any time of day –  breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or just a snack.

There are so many combinations you can try:

Did you know Kiwis throw away 20 million loaves of bread every year?

Sliced bread 300It’s true! Bread is the most wasted food item in New Zealand. That’s more than enough bread to make sandwiches for every school student in New Zealand for over a year.

We waste bread because it goes stale or mouldy, or because we (or our kids) don’t eat the crusts.

Here’s how you can use your loaf: