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With a little bit of love and the right recipe you can turn any ingredient into a tasty meal that will be too good to waste. What do you need to use up? Let us help you.

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Easy pickled radish

This year lots of little radishes popped up in our garden, thanks to New World's little garden promotion last year. The only problem is no one in our household likes the taste of radish. Suggestions for making them more palatable were sought on our social media and the ideas shared included:

- Slice, sprinkle with salt and add olive oil
- Use the leaves in salads or stir fry them
- Toss with olive oil and salt and roast in the oven
- Pickle them

I tried a few leaves in a salad. Delicious and slightly peppery. Then I pickled the radish. So easy and yummy! A great side to have with frittata or with burgers etc.