8 ways with hummus

8 ways with hummus

Over two million uneaten tubs of hummus are thrown away every year in New Zealand.

Most of us are probably guilty of opening a container of hummus, eating a small amount and putting it back in the fridge for another time. We forget about it, only to find it a week later when we are now unsure if it is still safe to eat.

If this is you, did you know you can freeze hummus to use later? It may just need a good stir when it defrosts.

A lot of hummus also gets wasted because people only think of it as a dip, but there are so many other delicious uses for it.

Here are 8 ways to use hummus:

Avocado toast with hummus and tomatoes isolated on white

Use hummus as a spread.  Photo: IStock/jenifoto

      1. Use it as a spread
        Whether it is replacing mayo, mustard or margarine, hummus makes a great sandwich spread and adds extra protein as well. Spread it on pizza instead of using a tomato sauce.
      2. Use it as a pasta sauce
        A tub of hummus is used to create a quick and easy pasta sauce in this chicken and hummus fettuccine. 
      3. Slather it on chicken
        Spice up a chicken breast by coating it with hummus and baking it in the oven.
      4. Mix it through mashed potatoes
        Jazz up mashed potatoes by stirring through your favourite hummus.
      5. Use it as a sauce for broccoli
        If you’re not a huge fan of broccoli, mix some hummus through it to make a creamy sauce.
      6. Make a salad dressing
        Mix hummus with olive oil and vinegar to transform it into a vinaigrette to dress your salad.
      7. Make bread
        That’s right, you can use hummus to whip up a loaf of bread. 
      8. Go crackers