Christmas gifts for the food waster in your life

Christmas gifts for the food waster in your life

We all have (at least) one person who we know is guilty of throwing away a lot of food.

Maybe they are terrible at planning, have a fridge so full that they can never keep track of what is in there or despise leftovers. Either way, their food wastage is costing them money and harming the environment.

Do a good deed this Christmas and give them a gift that is going to have a positive impact. These gifts will not only help them to reduce their food waste, but will also save them money and the environment will thank them.

From cheap presents like ice cube trays to more expensive items like worm farms, there is something for every budget.

If their fridge is always too full….

Ice cube tray

Buy them some ice cube trays. Ice cube trays can be used to freeze all of the little odds and ends taking up space in the fridge – things like tomato paste, pesto and coconut milk.

If they need a little help meal planning…My Foodie Family meal planner

Help them get organised with them one of these 52 week meal planners from My Foodie Family. Use the discount code MP10 at the checkout for 10% off.

If they never eat their leftovers…

Love Your Leftovers book

Give them some inspiration with this Love Your Leftovers cookbook or Sarah Wilson’s new food waste book Simplicious Flow.

Or how about a pie maker?

Sunbeam Pie Maker

No matter how little they have left, there is always enough for a pie!

If their vegetable always go limp…

Stock them up on storage containers. This may sound like a boring gift, but storing some produce like carrots and salad greens in containers has a huge impact on how long they last. Check out these new  containers specifically designed to reduce food waste.

If their fruit always goes soft…


Get them a good blender so they can use it in smoothies. Pair it with some ice block moulds so they can turn leftover smoothies into ice creams.

If they throw their food scraps in the rubbish bin….

Help them save the planet with either a compost or bokashi system, or a worm farm. 

Hungry Bin is offering a 10% discount on their worm farms. Simply enter LoveFoodHateWaste at the checkout to receive 10% off the price of the bin (this discount does not apply to the worms or delivery cost).