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Veggie scraps stock

I collect vegetable peelings, tops & tails in an airtight container in the fridge. When the container is filled, I boil them up with herbs and seasoning to make vegetable stock. This gets frozen in batches and I use it for soup or for cooking rice and other grains.

By: Kaye Gilhooley, Christchurch


Save shells for seafood stock

Whenever we catch fresh crabs or prawns, we always freeze the empty shells. When I want to make a sauce for seafood, or a soup, I simmer the shells with water while I prepare the rest of my meal, smashing the shells while they simmer to extract all the flavour. Then I strain the shells off and put them in my compost heap.

By: Jo, London


Vegetable stock

I wash, and freeze vegetable peelings and make vegetable stock for soup.

By: Lori, Tairua


Use vegetable peelings to make stock

I store any vegetable peelings in a zip lock bag in the freezer and when I have a full bag I use them to make my own vegetable stock. You can use almost any vegetable peelings / ends or meat bones left after a roast dinner. This is a cheaper way of getting stock and means you don’t have packaging to get rid of from shop-bought stock.

By: Gemma, Wellington