Your Stories: Eat Me First Stickers

There are many helpful and creative ways the reusable Eat Me First stickers can be used in the kitchen. From encouraging a more organised fridge and pantry or the creation of inventive meals, to making the most of leftovers at home.  But you don’t need to hear it from us, check out how our community is saving food and money with their Eat Me First stickers in their own homes.

Jacquie’s story

“As a one income household leftovers are a luxury! Not wanting them to go to waste, having these stickers will be a god send when my always hungry husband goes rummaging in the fridge looking for something quick to eat. It will give him options that won’t include items designated for dinner. That’s my plan for these stickers anyway.” – Jacquie Tomlins

Sarah’s story

“When I put leftovers in the fridge in a container they seem to mysteriously become invisible to all of us in the house. It’s even worse if we use an old say yoghurt or ice cream container. But putting an Eat Me First sticker on it acts as a really good visual prompt to us all, but especially to me as I work from home and am often looking for something to eat for lunch. I open the fridge, see the sticker and immediately know there are leftovers for my lunch!

Probably one of most frequent things I do with the Eat Me First shelf is using up leftover pasta. If one of my sons has cooked up pasta for themselves, and it is always too much, I make a quick cheese sauce, throw it over the pasta, grate cheese on top, sprinkle smoked paprika over that and pop it in the oven till it is hot. With leftover mashed potato I like to make a potato fritters and have it for lunch with an egg and maybe sauerkraut, or avocado” – Sarah Pritchett

Paul’s story

“I was about to make a wrap with black beans and was reaching for a new taco mix packet when my wife reminded me to check the Eat Me First shelf where I found half an open packet that needed using up. So reminding your family to check there first is my best tip.” – Paul Prosee

Angela’s story

“I won a set of the Eat Me First stickers years ago and I found them a game changer in terms of using up leftovers. We’re a busy family of six and the stickers allow me to let my family know what they can happily help themselves to, like leftovers that need to be eaten and which food to leave (ie this is a critical part of Mum’s dinner plan, please don’t eat it). They last ages, mine are still going, just, and while I have tried other things such as post it notes, writing on tape, writing on the lids with wipeable pen, the stickers just work the best.” – Angela B.

Whichever stage of the food waste reduction journey you are on we are so glad you’re here with us!

A big thank you to the individuals who have taken the time to share their stories and tips with all of us. Every little bit helps save food, save money and save the planet!

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