How to turn leftovers into soup

How to turn leftovers into soup

With winter well and truly here, salads are off the menu with big steaming bowls of soup taking their place.

We love soup for so many different reasons, but most of all, because it is an easy way to transform leftovers into something new.Soups are very forgiving – you can freehand quantities and add in all sorts of odds and ends but still create something delicious.

Here’s some tips for turning leftovers into soups:

If you have leftover chicken make Henry’s Hearty Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Henry's Hearty Chicken and Vegetable Soup

If you have a whole pumpkin to get through try this pumpkin and kumara soup

Pumpkin and kumara Soup

If you have leftover beetroot and carrot salad you can turn it into soup


Beetroot & Carrot Soup

If broccoli stalks are taking up space in your fridge make Dr Libby Weaver’s Brilliant Brassica Soup


If you have limp lettuce transform it into this rich soup

Limp Lettuce Soup

If you have a couple of sprouting potatoes try this green leek and potato soup

Green leek and potato soup

If your celery has gone limp, make celery soup

If you have your Christmas ham hock stashed in the freezer use it to make this leek and lentil soup

Leek and lentil soup