Love thy food

Love thy food

We all have that one food that we would never waste.

It may be that last mouthful of gooey French brie, or the final two pieces of Whittaker’s Marlborough Sea Salt and Caramel Brittle chocolate that you eat while hiding from your children.

These foods taste divine and are good for our soul and because of this, we savour them. To throw them out would be sacrilege – a waste of money and the bin would never appreciate how good it tastes.

Now imagine if we had that same attitude towards all of our food?

Sure, we’re not going to get the same pleasure from cabbage as we might from chocolate, but they are both foods and deserve to be treated equally.

After all, they are vital to our ability to live. While food may be in abundance to us, one in nine people in the world do not have enough food to eat, let alone waste.

Dana Gunders, a strong advocate in the fight against food waste, put it like this:

“We just need to value our food. Imagine operating under the belief that food is a really important, valuable asset that takes huge amounts of resources to produce and is in fact critical to our survival. And that because of this belief, it really isn’t OK just to waste it.”

We’re asking you to value your food; love it, even.

Love your food by only buying the amount you need. Love your food by storing it in the right place so it doesn’t go off. Love your food by cooking it and actually eating it.

It is no longer ok to waste food.

Are you prepared to love your food? We are. We promise only good and delicious things will come of it.