What to do with your leftover Easter treats

What to do with your leftover Easter treats

Easter is a time of indulgence – countless chocolate eggs, hot cross buns slathered with butter, roast lamb with all the trimmings.

Like anything, this food is only good for us in moderation, and after a few days of decadent eating, we may be a bit sick of it – literally. It can be tempting to do a mass clean-out, collecting all the sugary treats and tossing them straight into the trash.

But instead of wasting these this delicious food, here are some better things you can do with them.

If you have leftover hot cross buns… freeze them!

Hot cross buns

Like crème eggs, these are a limited-time once-a-year delicacy in New Zealand. You may have had your fill of them now, but we’re sure you’ll enjoy them in a couple of months’ time.

If you have too many to freeze, try using them to make a fruity bread and butter pudding. 

Alternatively, make breadcrumbs and use them the next time you make this crunchy fruit and oat crumble.

Or, if you’re feeling brave, make them part of a savoury meal. Hot cross bun toastie, anyone?

If you have leftover chocolate…save it!

Easter eggs

Chocolate has a long shelf life, so save any excess you have for a rainy day. Chocolate lasts for months and even longer if you keep it in the freezer. If kept for a long time, chocolate may get a white discolouration – this is called chocolate bloom and is caused by cocoa butter fats separating from the cocoa mass. It is safe to eat this chocolate, but it may not taste the best.

Easter chocolate can be used as an alternative to cooking chocolate in all sorts of baking. If it’s a large egg or bunny, roughly break it up and use it as you would chocolate chips or melts. If you’re looking for inspiration, try these Kiwi Compost Cookies.

Think you can’t use marshmallow eggs in baking? Think again!

How about crème eggs? Sure can.

Try melting your chocolate to make a sauce for ice cream or combine it with warm milk for a hot chocolate.

If your chocolate is unopened, you could donate it to the Community Fridge or a food bank. If it isn’t Easter specific chocolate, keep it to regift to someone later in the year.

If you have leftover roast lamb (or any other meat)…repurpose it!

kumara and roast lamb croquettes Halely

Leftover meat is a wonderful addition to so many meals – and it makes cooking the next meal a breeze. We love these roast lamb and kumara croquettes, or cut your lamb finely and use it as a substitute for mince in this golden shepherd’s pie.

If you have leftover raw eggs… cook them!

If you have been creatively blowing eggs in order to make spectacular Easter decorations, you may have a few eggs that need to be used.

If scrambled eggs aren’t on the breakfast menu, try this baked savoury easter slice or this easy fry-pan frittata.

Whatever you do this Easter, don’t put your eggs in the waste basket.