Why you should be a broccoli stalker

Are you a stalker? You should be!

A broccoli stalker, that is!

Why? Kiwis throw away over 2,500 tonnes of broccoli stalks and leaves every year. That’s a lot of food going to waste that could be eaten.

That’s right, broccoli stalks are edible! That may be news to some – after all, if you were only served the florets as a child, you might not even be aware that you can eat the stalks.

When we throw away broccoli stalks we are wasting good food and money, and contributing to New Zealand’s food waste problem. 

To remedy this, Love Food Hate Waste wants you to be a broccoli stalker – which is as simple as eating your broccoli stalks. Here are 8 recipes using broccoli stalks.

Here’s why you should be a broccoli stalker:

It’ll save you money

Stalk percentage

If you pay $2.29 for a head of broccoli but only cook the florets, and throw away the stalk, you could be wasting up to $60 a year. But if you think of broccoli as a two-for-one vegetable – two different types of vegetable from one plant – you can get an extra serve of your 5+ a day for no extra cost.

Broccoli stalks are nutritious

Speaking of your 5+ a day, like the florets, the broccoli stalk is good for you. It is low in energy but a good source of fibre, vitamins A, C, B2 (riboflavin), B6 and folate.

It’ll liven things up a bit

Dip Dip Eggs with Shrek “Toast” – Broccoli stalks steamed then pan fried for a minute in bacon fat = a quick, easy and delicious grain free breakfast. What’s for breakfast at your place today? 😋😋. #paleokids #justeatrealfood #2016

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Sick of your regular rotation of vegetables? Throw some broccoli stalks into the mix.

There are so many delicious things you can do with broccoli stalks. Make fritters from them, roast them as chips, serve them in salads or just steam them along with the florets.

Keen to cook some broccoli stalks? Check out our 8 ways to use broccoli stalks.